Video Dojo Expo - Goat 1

Submitted by nordgeit on Sat, 01/14/2023 - 02:03

The first Video Dojo Expo - Goat, a spin on LearnMMD's Video Dojo Expo hosted by NordGeit is now underway!

Read about it on LearnMMD

Insert your online name, and your choice of Youtube, Newgrounds or NicoVideo (or any combination of the three) to enter the contest. Insert your e-mail to enable NordGeit contacting you if you win, and most of all, wait in anticipation!

This VDE(G) is all about originality and creativity. No wishy-washy stuff either, make something truly unique and special in MMD, put it in, things veterans have never seen before!


Submissions end on April 1st 2023, Norwegian timezone.


Keep it PG-13 (restrictive), as children are present.

Keep it NordGeit Certified Politics Free, I'm not going to give a reason.

Submissions will occasionally be updated and displayed publicly at this page, and for those who put their e-mails, don't worry, they will be removed before displaying publicly.

PSN name, XBOX Gamertag, IRC username, etc.
You can also put a Twitter tag there. No Discord, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., since the only stuff NordGeit uses is Twitter and Telegram.
Link to the submission on NicoNicoDouga/NicoVideo. sm IDs are also accepted. (example: sm6721577)
E-mail, for contacting you if you win the contest. Won't be displayed publicly. Optional, if you don't want to be contacted, and don't want any prizes, or is afraid of getting your email leaked.